Dream of Reality

by L-Y3T (a.k.a. Elliott Johnson)



This album was completed between the years of 2006 and 2008, but there are many people who have yet to hear it besides those close to me, so this is a treat for all of my fans. Enjoy. New music coming soon.


released June 15, 2008

Executive produced by Elliott Johnson for Smooth-It-Down Productions. All songs, unless otherwise noted, were written and produced by L-Y3T for Smooth-It-Down Productions (c)2008-2010



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


L-Y3T (a.k.a. Elliott Johnson) Raleigh, North Carolina

Bronx born Singer-Songwriter, part-time Rapper, and Producer based in Raleigh, NC. Specializes in R&B, Hip-Hop with genre versatility.
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Track Name: Enigma
I Guess you'll never understand me...
and that's the only thing that i dont like.
and i bet u can barely stand me.
i guess this thing will never be quite right.
but i want you to understand that what i say is true:
Baby, i dont wanna give up on you.
and if you can bear with this man, then i will try to
be a little more sensitive to your needs.

see, we've shared so much, and i
think that it's worth fighting for.
and i know that i can be a pain sometimes.
(it bears on your mind.)
but we've come too far, and it dont
make no sense to turn back now!
Cause we've got what it takes to go all the way with this.

but then i guess i still dont get you...
even with everything i know by now.
you're so damn mysterious!
so many things 'bout u i still cant figure out!
but i would like to understand why you're the way you are.
you can be so moody, and you keep swinging!
one minute, you're up, the next minute, you're down.
and i can never quite pinpoint what you're feeling at the time.
i simply wanna know whats on your mind.

girl, i wanna go back to the days when we
used to have so much fun together...
and i know that things wont always be bliss, but still, i'd
like to see less days of stormy weather.
i want you to open up to me.
i want you to know that you can put your trust in me
as your friend, and as your lover.
and i dont mean to pry, but you can always confide in me.